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jinan binhe business center

visits : release time :2017-12-28

binhe business center is a binhe business complex and a business landmark in the north of jinan. the project, which is located on the north bank of the xiaoqing river (a river reconstructed by the jinan municipal people’s government with the investment funds of 8.6 billion yuan) and to the east of lishan road, is jointly built by the jiangsu and quanzhou chambers of commerce in cooperation with jinan binhe group. with the total building area of 200 thousand square meters, it covers four major properties including super high-rise 5a office building, top-level flagship shopping center, fashion style commercial street and soho apartment. after completion, it will become a binhe business complex in jinan, and the 138-meter super high-rise office building in the north of jinan will become a business landmark in the north of jinan city.