new ward building of henan provincial people’s hospital-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发


new ward building of henan provincial people’s hospital

visits : release time :2017-12-28

this is a new ward building with 1,000 beds constructed by henan provincial people’s hospital to improve the medical conditions. it is located at the intersection between jingsan road and weiwu road in zhengzhou and covers a building area of 33,000m2. under the close cooperation of all parts in the construction, the 120m super-long building without deformation joint is constructed successfully. due to the limitations by the objective conditions at the early stage of the project, the progress delays. however, with the joint efforts of the supervisors and the constructors, by racing against the time and speeding up the process, a construction record of 1 floor every 4 days and 1,800 square meters per floor is made.