training concept

training concept-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

logo of “phoenix rising”, the training class of the first company of china eighth engineering bureau ltd., takes the blue of cscec as the main color, with the main elements of ring, building background line and phoenix. one five-star, the company’s enterprise spirit of “constructing the buildings, and giving good faith” and “phoenix rising” in the ring mean that the “phoenix rising” grows under the influence of the invincible army culture and enterprise spirit, and the employees of the company should inherit the invincible army culture, bear in mind the enterprise spirit and love continuous improvement. the building background line outlines some of the representative projects constructed by the company, meaning to get rid of the air of arrogance and remain the lofty and unyielding character, continue to be outstanding and enterprising. in ancient times, there is a saying that the phoenix has more full-fledged feathers, clearer voice and more energy after rebirth in fire. the phoenix element metaphorizes an indomitable spirit of struggle and is an enterprise’s expectation for the continuous growth of employees participating in training.

“phoenix rising” includes a series of trainings of firefly light, great fire from little spark, fireworks brightness, supporting flame by pharos, making steels by quenching, passing the flame, flame blazing and genuine gold in raging flame. it is an important guarantee for the company’s human capital appreciation and a comprehensive embodiment of the company’s multi-level, multi-channel, and full-coverage training system. the excellent employees with the heart of constructing the buildings, and giving good faith, cultivated by “phoenix rising”, will be sure to exploit a more beautiful future of the first company of china eighth engineering bureau ltd.

  • 1 “firefly light”trainee plan
    taken from “firefly light will shine like the moon”, the tenet of training is that firefly light will be sure to shine like the moon”.
  • 2 “great fire from little spark”new employees induction training class
    taken from book · pangeng (first volume): “if the fire burns in the open country, do not approach the fire”. new employees, like the little spark, can develop rapidly.
  • 3 “fireworks brightness” young employees training class
    taken from at the night of the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year (su weidao in tang dynasty): be decorated with lanterns and streamers, meaning that the young employees are full of youth and passion.
  • 4 “supporting flame by pharos” mature talents training class
    taken from “firewood is used to help the fire, the fire will be fierce” (luo guanzhong in ming dynasty), meaning that the mature talents, like the torch, bring the new strength to boost the development of the company.
  • 5 “making steels by quenching” project manager training class
    han book ·astronomical treatise: quenching forms under the combination of fire and water. the project manager is the core strength of the company’s basic management. the project manager can only become the pillar of the company if repeatedly tempered in the first-line management work and conducting the constant summary.
  • 6 “passing the flame”reserve cadres training class
    zhuangzi . key health care points: “the burning of candles and woods is limited, and the fire continues without end”, meaning that the reserve cadres can inherit the company’s corporate culture and management quintessence.
  • 7 “flame blazing” d3 employees training class
    taken from middle theory • academic studies (xu gan in han dynasty): if the person has a clear heart and has a thinking silently, good results will be obtained, as if the fire encounters a strong wind.
  • 8 “genuine gold in raging flame”middle- and high-level training class
    taken from chinese classical poem with four characters each line (sun simiao in tang dynasty), meaning that after many difficulties and being not afraid of the difficulties, the middle- and high-level managers will create the glory of the company.